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Sensor Systems
The integration of various analog and digital sensors are the building blocks of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Selecting the most robust sensors with careful interfacing to the iMatrix Embedded SDK enables your product to report accurate status and mission critical information to the iMatrix Cloud System
What we are

About us

Sierra Telecom provides a fully integrated Industrial IoT Solution for the most robust secure solutions in the industry


IoT for Devices

The iMatrix SDK for devices provides a fully integrated solution for the Cypress WICED platform including all middleware needed to bring your device online in record time. Includes custom OTA update service and fully integrated drivers for a variety of sensors, with an easy online system to and new sensor types at anytime


IoT for Mobile Devices

The iMatrix App for mobile devices provides all the facilities needed to enable quick and easy provisioning of IoT Devices connecting the iMatrix Online System. Using the iMatrix App users can locally access device settings and monitor locally for any conditions that may need monitoring.


IoT for the Cloud

The iMatrix Online System provides a complete set of highly on demand scalable sensor data collection services with both Real Time and Time Series data storage. Providing an intuitive user experience that immediately highlights any conditions reported from the devices.


The iMatrix Online System also provides all the tools needed to create and define the IoT platforms, device types, sensors and controls needed to meet the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Welcome to Sierra Telecom

Total Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things

Sierra Telecom provides a total eco system for the Industrial Internet of Things from the total Device to Cloud iMatrix System to a broad range of consulting services in both embedded, mobile application development and Cloud computing services.


Embedded IoT Solutions

The iMatrix Solution for embedded devices used for Industrial IoT systems provides you with a one stop solution for all code from device startup, sensor monitoring, real time and time series data uploading to the cloud and support for integrated OTA Service.



The integrated sensor catalog allows you to easily add a new sensor to your embedded IoT device in a matter of minutes. If you need to add a custom sensor, ask out team to help you get it integrated and online. It can take as little 15 minutes to get a new sensor code included in a build and reporting online.


Mobile Applicatons

As part of a complete offering the iMatrix solution includes a full mobile application that is customizable for your application. This application provides local provisioning, configuration management and monitoring



Securing the Industrial Internet of Things is critical for your business. Nefarious operators, hackers and badly configured systems can wreak havoc. iMatrix use the latest standards include DTLS over CoAP and TLS to ensure the integrity of the network.


iMatrix Cloud System

The iMatrix Cloud System provide a dynamically totally saleable Real Time and Time Series Data collection system that uses the latest Google Cloud Services and proprietary systems to handle millions of data packets.



The iMatrix System uses a flexible array of protocols to ensure rapid secure communications within all aspects of the system. Systems can communicate of secure Wi Fi, BLE, 3G/4G Secure Cellular and traditional wired Internet.

Our work flow

Our commitment at Sierra Telecom is to get your sensor network up and online in the shortest period of time. From concept to production and deployment we are commited to make sure every step is as easy as possible.

1st Step


You have a requirement to monitor and manage devices in the field without the costly traditional service methods.


The iMatrix solution lets you quickly design the functionality required, the sensors needed and environment that they need to operate in.

Step 2


Taking the concept Alpha design to production is the next step in realizing a working product that can be deployed in the real world to monitor hundreds to hundreds of thousands of sensors.


The team at Sierra Telecom can provide you with assistance at any step along the way. Design for manufacturing is key to establishing a successful production product. 

Step 3


After you’re satisfied that the production products are ready to go to high volume manufacturing you can release them the Contract Manufacturer for production.


The iMatrix Production system components provide automatic test and verification software that logs every device coming through manufacturing to ensure it meets all test requirements. During this process iMatrix producitons system loads the device with valid security credentials, serial numbers and MAC addresses.

some of

Our Projects

Industrial Lighting and Controls, Wall Switch with Integrated touch LCD Screen, Custom Temperature Sensors with multiple Alarms, Building Air Quality Sensors

Best in the Industry


Sierra Telecom draws on the talents, skills and services of some of the best in the industry. Having great partners ensures we can deliver the most comprehensive product solutions.

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Cloud Computing Partner

Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your business. Google Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators, innovate and let coders, well, just code.

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Cypress Semiconductor

Silicon Partner

 Cypress IoT platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of connected IoT products.

Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED)    


  • Eliminate the complexity of adding wireless
  • Simplifies adding cloud services
  • Allows customers to focus on their IoT product development

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Inventek Systems

Module Partner

Inventek Systems is a USA-based, market leader in full-service Wireless & IoT Connectivity focused on 802.11 b/g/n, BT, BLE, NFC, GPS, Combo & Antenna embedded modular system solutions.

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Synaptec Enterprises

Hardware Design Partner

Synaptec Enterprises have designed leading edge hardware and software solutions for the Commercial, Industrial, and consumer electronics markets for over 25 years. Providing industry leading solutions that are designed for high volume manufacturing at the beginning of the design cycle.



Contact us directly to assist you in getting your next project up and running, or to interface to your existing equipment with out starter kits.

Sierra Telecom, Inc.

100 Mc Faul Way
Suite 201 / Box 12073
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

Phone: +1 888 545 1007 / +1 775 545 1007
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Internet of Things for the Cypress WICED Platfrom

Cypress Semiconductor produce a series of modules and an SDK to drive them. Sierra Telecom has taken these modules and add real world functionality to allow them to instantly become part of the iMatrix IoT world.

iMatrix provides a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. iMatrix is made up of several components that when combined provide an end to end Industrial IoT world.

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