Internet of Things for the Cypress WICED Platform

October 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Internet of Things for the Cypress WICED Platform

Cypress Semiconductor produce a series of modules and an SDK to drive them. Inventek has taken these modules and add real world functionality to allow them to instantly become part of the iMatrix IoT world.

iMatrix provides a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. iMatrix is made up of several components that when combined provide an end to end Industrial IoT world.

The process starts by configuring an IoT Hardware Platform on the iMatrix Web System. During this process, you select from a range of base evaluation platforms and then add the sensors that you need. This process will create a full software kit to use to download directly to the hardware. You can then use the WICED SDK to finalize the system configuration. We supply the drivers and middleware code to create a full product.

With the software now loaded on the hardware you can easily provision it using the iMatrix Mobile App. This will configure the device for the local environment and provide it with credentials to gain access to your developer account. This will then let you monitor and control the device in the cloud.

The iMatrix™ ConnectKit™ provides an instant on ramp to the Internet of Things. Using the ConnectKit™ you can immediately connect your sensors to the iMatrix management platform for monitoring, measurement and connected device control.
The ConnectKit™ uses the Broadcom™ WICED™ Wi-Fi module to connect to the iMatrix Cloud Service or a local iMatrixConnect™ local Access Gateway and Controller.
Using the decision tree in iMatrix you can create actions to drive the digital outputs or relays on the ConnectKit™ directly.
The ConnectKit can be used to monitor and control almost anything:

  • Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • 16 Digital Input / Output lines (3.3V TTL)
  • Float Sensors, Sump pump control, flow meters
  • 8 Analog to Digital Converter lines 16 Bit (LTC1867) Single Ended or Differential Input options
  • Gas Sensors, Chemical, Moisture and Flame Sensors
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Serial Devices (3.3V TTL levels)
  • Integrated Relay controlled output 10A
  • On board Piezo for local feedback
  • On board LED’s display status of Digital lines

Using the ConnectKit and the iMatrix Cloud Service you can quickly create a full application that links your sensors to your custom logic and generate automatic responses to connected devices or Web Services.

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